Evelyn Farr is a Londoner. She read English Language & Literature with French and Italian at University College London, but she has always had a passion for history.

Her M. Phil thesis on Jane Austen, Fanny Burney and the 18th century novel immersed her in French literature and history, as there were many cross-Channel influences in the early development of the novel. Fanny Burney’s hugely entertaining diaries couldn’t really find a place in the thesis, so Evelyn wrote a spin-off that became The World of Fanny Burney, first published in 1993. Fanny married a French émigré; research into his circle of friends suggested the subject for Evelyn’s next book, Before the Deluge, about Parisian high-life in the years leading up to the Revolution. While writing it she uncovered sources that impelled her to shed more light and less hypocrisy on Marie-Antoinette’s love affair with the Swedish Count Axel von Fersen, the subject of her third book. It was greatly expanded in 2013 to include important new material.

“I Love You Madly”  – Marie-Antoinette’s secret love story revealed in her own words

Evelyn’s latest book, the first complete and uncensored edition of Marie-Antoinette’s secret correspondence with Axel von Fersen, contains many new discoveries and was published in both French and English in 2016.

The World of Fanny Burney

Before the Deluge: Parisian Society in the Reign of Louis XVI

Marie-Antoinette and Count Fersen: The Untold Love Story